End of the Semester – What I’m thankful for

Thanksgiving just went by and the semester is coming to a close. I’m going to do two things in this blog post 1 explain why I am thankful and 2 talk about my electronic media class – which is why I started this blog.


I am thankful to be alive and that I am getting threw this semester, hopefully with all passing grades (Art History is killer), I feel like I really need a break from all the work. Although I’ve given myself a lot of work to do, but I am thankful about having time to do my own projects. I am also thankful that I had a job this year and I should have one next year. I am thankful that I have all the classes I wanted. I am thankful that some people out there actually liked some of the stuff I put out on my blog and not just the people in my class. Thanks you guys…

My Electronic Media class: 

This class was more about concept then finished projects  and I thought that was a pretty cool way to do it. An emphasis is on group work and how working with a company and brainstorming might be. I liked that focus, I think to take the class to the next level maybe some more like in depth finished products could be made. Not at the beginning but like build up to it at the end. We did do a stop motion but I felt like it didn’t have enough emphasis. So really just taking it up to the next level. Start with in depth brainstorming and end with a finished piece.

Well this probably wont be my last post but I don’t know how regular they will be. Thank you for sticking with me.


Betrayal . . . Our Stop Motion Video

Pears, Betrayal, Francisco and Marie find themselves in turmoil when the unexpected happens. Marie falls into the garbage disposal and Francisco does nothing to help her. To get revenge on his cowardly acts, when he is distracted, she switches on the garbage disposal. Then stomps him to death down the drain, without anyone ever knowing it was her.

An awesome short drama full of everything you could be looking for. Just watch and see for yourself.

De's Portfolio

So . . . the idea that my friend, Natalie, and I  came up with for the stop-motion video got changed up a bit. We decided not to use carrots in our video and instead used pears. The storyline also got changed up. It went from a tragedy, to a happy romance, and finally, to the bitter sweet betrayal of Marie and Francisco, the French pears.

Tragedy was our first idea, we originally wanted a Romeo and Juliet like feel to our video that would have one of the carrots dying and the other ending its life to ensure it could stay with its one true love for all of eternity. When we could not find decent carrots, we changed the characters into pears, and decided to go with Natalie’s idea to create a cutesy romance story, no death and sadness. that soon changed in the process though. We decided…

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Senior Show

A few nights ago my school had their senior show for the semester. I missed the actual opening of the show but when I had time later that night I was able to go up and look at what was hanging.

Three different people had their work on display and each one had a different theme. The first one I looked at was about aspergers syndrome and bringing awareness to the condition.

As_web size_web Obses_web

One thing I couldn’t find a reason for was the super light grey text with the information on the side of the posters in the first picture. I thought that maybe it had something to do with the condition itself but after reading all of them nothing backed that thought up and none of the actual designs used light text like that so it left me wondering where it came from. Either the text on the sips needs to be darker or I think if the information was somehow included in the posters itself it would have a better impact. (Some of the posters did have the information in them but next to the piece it restated it, I don’t think that was necessary).

My favorite piece is in this next category about hunting.

post_web lite_web dog_web

Can you guess which one it is???? Well…… It is the Dog your right. I can just imagine it hanging above my nonexistent fire place. But it was the first piece sold so I didn’t get that privilege. *sigh* Well other than that I love the expert photography used in these designs and how they incorporated their information. They also all look like they are for the same show with the use of font being the same in each piece and the image being the dominant focus.

Then lastly, this persons theme was vanity and how it is showed in the everyday use of social media sites.

Selfie_web Vain_web tweet_web pintrest_web

My favorite piece from this group was the pintrest girl or the last image in my grouping. It is just a beautifully illustrated piece. Other than that I like how she kept a clean style threw all of her pieces and the pricing caught my attention on these because they were sooo over the top, 40,000 dollars maybe? But I think that this goes along with her theme really well and helps to reinforce vanity (although I’m not sure if that is what she was thinking at the time).

Exercise: The Positive, Negative, & Metaphorical

Objective: This is another exercise to practice your advertising techniques, to make sure that you are flexable in the type of advertisements you can put out. And to show that you can work for anyone.

Prompt – Pick an item on you right now. Once you have that item now you need to sketch out 3 ads one positive: promoting your object, one negative: downing your object for another one, and one metaphorical: using your object to represent something else.

My experience –

The object that I grabbed out of my purse was my 3DS. First off I started with the brainstorming step.

I wrote down the three ares that I had to make a sketch for and listed words that I thought matched the category.

Positive – portable, improved graphics, play with friends, convenient stress reliever calming, creative.

Negative – loseable, distracting

Metaphorical – Get lost in another world?

For Positive I went with a variation of play with friends. I thought about all the other people in the world that you could play with and talk to and this is what I came up with:


The rectangles in the background represent the different flags that would be there if I were to make this into a finished piece. I think this one might have been my best idea.

Next The Negative: For this category I went with it being easily lost. So I compared it with a system that doesn’t move it just sits in your room with someone having their 3DS fall from there bag.


Imagine the two images combined. The person walking would be in the blank white space of the other image.

Lastly with The Metaphorical I went with the only thing I had adventure but I thought that it would be cool to set it up in a classic game style:


If you can’t really read it it says “Start your adventure? Yes  No”. The black squiggly are to represent a black background and the writing would be a white if I were to further this idea.

Exercise: Robot

In Progress ~~

Objective: To find out how well you and visualize something without actually putting it into motion. How far can you see ahead?

Prompt: Write down instructions for how you are going to build a robot out of everyday items. When you think you have a good set of instructions give them to friend and see if they can create it. What difficulties did they have? What didn’t you think about?

My experience:

First I sat down in both my and my boyfriends room scanning to see what items that we had and could be used. With that in mind I started writing my instructions and this is what I came up with:


Hot Glue

24 Soda cans

9 Straws

I tennis ball

A pocket knife

Maybe paper.


Step one – take a stack of 3 by 3 soda cans and glue them together.

2 – Take the top left side and cut a hole big enough for the straw to fit into where you want the arm to connect to the torso. Do the same on the opposite side.

3 – Cut a hole in two cans in the same place and insert the straw threw the hole on the mass of cans and threw the hole on one of your lone cans.  Super glue together and do the same to the other arm.

4 – Glue one can onto the bottom of each arm can.

5 – Cut hole in the front of both and in the bottom of two spare cans and attach with straw and hot glue.

6 – hot glue 2 individual stacks of 3 cans then attach to bottom of the row of three cans for legs.

7 – Get tennis ball and a straw and cut a hole that a straw can fit threw then the same for you soda can, if the tennis ball is light enough let the straw hold it up a bit for a neck if not then get paper and crumble it up and make a little neck under the tennis ball. Hot glue it in place.

8- Your finished!! Go play with your new can robot!!!

How it turned out:








The two cans under the tennis ball was something that the person making it wanted to do. The straws were really only necessary at the arms but didn’t hold much meaning anywhere else. Plus the head is too small for this guys body but other than that it reminds me of one of those old big clunky robot toys that some kids have (or maybe just used to have).