My Favorite from GaGa


At my school there are events and gallery displayed up in the ballroom area. I decided to take a look at what this group of people had displayed up there to see what I might find. This piece really caught my eye. I really like landscape drawings and want to get better at them myself so I like to appreciate other peoples drawings when I see them too. This piece caught my eye do to the use of line and color, those are the primary elements used here and they do a great job with them. Instead of using various shades of green the artist only chooses to use a couple shades that way you can see where the light and dark is within the trees causing the illusion of depth. With the choice of a few shades of color over many they are able to create a sense of business, the line direction points everywhere and the lines aren’t smoothed out at all which makes me believe that the forest is alive and active.

To see more from this collection go here –


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